Xtentions Kit

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  • Enhance your natural beauty with our DIY Lash Kit, which includes everything you need for flawless lashes.
  • This kit features a latex free black brush-on Wisp Takers glue, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold for your lashes.
  • The Wisp Takers sealant 2.0 provides an extra layer of protection, keeping your lashes in place throughout the day.
  • With the included pair of tweezers, precise application becomes effortless.
  • Additionally, our container of lashes offers an abundance of options, allowing you to achieve your desired look effortlessly. Elevate your lash game with our comprehensive DIY Lash Kit.


Included in Kit:

- 1 black brush-on Wisp Takers Glue

-1 clear brush-on Wisp Takers Sealant 2.0

- 1 pair of tweezers

- 1 container of lashes



1. Clean lashes and make sure they are free of product and oil 
2. Work in sections 
3. Apply 2-3 layers to natural lashes and wait until tacky (about 10 seconds) 
4. Apply false lash to natural lash only and not the waterline 
5. Repeat until desired look is achieved 
6. Apply 1-2 layers of sealant on top of lashes where false/natural lashes connect  
7. Wait about 30 seconds-1min for sealant to dry down 
8. Clamp false and natural lashes together with tweezers tightly

9. Wait 1hr+ pull test and 24-48hrs for water test for best results

  • Made of Plant Fiber
  • D Curl
  • 10mm-25mm 

Customer Reviews

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Mishawn MGowan
The best

First time trying and let’s just say you have a consistent customer.😉

My go to lashes

Absolutely have loved these products since I discovered them on TikTok years ago and your new packaging is taking it will never buy from another 🥰👏🏿

crystal garcia
Girl yessss!

Listen I’m 26 been wearing lashes for 7 years… I never had glue that last this long, a lash style that I could sleep on and it still look flawless! A protectant that doesn’t burn! Like you really did your big one and I appreciate your service will be ordering again soon!

Calvin F.

My wife said she had no clue on how to put them on but after watching several tik tok videos she nailed it on her first try. Typically she only wear lashes for about 5-8 hours because her eyes start running and hurting. She kept these bad boys on a full week and I asked her why she took them off and she stated "because she slept on one eye". How amazing it that!? I love these things for her. And it looks like I wont have to buy again for another month or so. Great investment from a husbands' point of view. Oh and lashes came pretty quick too. Three days after ordering.


Looks very natural and nice